Counter Spell Wiki

Wand damage is calculated to take into account the "down time" of recharging. The "effective dps" shown for a wand is the dps after taking into consideration the time the wand will not be firing due to recharge. The effective dps should always be lower than the raw dps.

To calculate the effective dps of a wand, the following formula is used:

  • FireTime = Speed * TotalShots
  • ClipTime = (TotalShots - 1) * Speed + Max(RechargeTime, Speed)
  • ActiveTime = FireTime / ClipTime
  • EffectiveDps = RawDps * ActiveFactor

Speed is the time to fire one shot. TotalShots is the number of rounds in the clip, or for burst weapons the number of rounds divided by the number of shots in a single burst. The ClipTime is effectively the total time to fire and recharge one clip of ammo. The ActiveTime is the percentage of time you are doing damage with the wand which gives you the scaling factor you multiply times the raw dps to get the effective dps.

Wands are scaled based on their effective dps. Because of this calculation wands with low speed, low total shots, and high recharge times will have the most damage in a single shot. This could make them good PvP weapons since they are very "bursty" in a PvP sense. Wands with larger clips and faster fire times will offer more balanced, sustained dps.