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Wands are one-handed weapons that can be dual wielded. To craft a wand you need two to four components and enough gold:

  • Handle (Required)
  • Attachment (Required)
  • Enchantment (Optional)
  • Gem (Optional)


The Wand Handle is the base of your Wand and determines its core attributes. There are many different wood and metal materials that the handle can be made from and they all affect its properties. Handles may also have extra random properties.


The Wand Attachment is the second primary piece of the wand. Different styles of attachments have different fixed properties. The attachment also determines your wands firing mode: single, automatic, or burst. Attachments may also have extra random properties.


The enchantment of your wand is optional but recommended. Adding an enchantment will add a special effect to your wand and give it a unique projectile. Different wand projectiles have different unique properties. The enchantments you can apply to your wand are:

  • Explosive - Impact creates a small AoE blast with a minor knockback
  • Ethereal - Your projectiles will go through enemies and so can damage multiple enemies
  • Deadly - Your projectiles will do extra single target damage
  • Lingering - Your projectiles will leave behind an effect that will damage enemies that walk through it
  • Ricocheting - Your projectiles will bounce off of walls
  • Merciless - A combination of Ethereal and Ricocheting, but with a damage penalty
  • Sprouting - Your projectiles will explode into little balls that do elemental damage


Adding a gem to your wand is optional but recommended. The gem adds additional elemental damage to your wand. The type of damage is determined by the type of gem, and the amount of damage is determined by the quality of the gem.


Wands have rounds that are consumed when the wand is fired. The wand will automatically recharge (reload) when you use all the rounds. The recharge time varies depending on the wand. You can manually trigger a recharge by pressing the Recharge hotkey. (Default F)


Wands can be dismantled into their core components. Their primary properties will not change, but some of their random attributes may change. To facilitate testing and feedback of the new system, dismantling a wand is currently free.


The primary properties that can be found on your wand are:

  • Damage - Adjusts the base damage of the wand
  • Aggro - Affects how much threat the wand generates with NPCs
  • Recoil - How much the wand will recoil when fired
  • Rate Of Fire - How quickly the wand fires
  • Accuracy - The accuracy of the wand over longer distances
  • Recharge Time - How long it takes the wand to recharge all of its rounds
  • Range - The range or distance that the wand can fire
  • Elemental Damage - Adjusts the elemental damage added by the Gem
  • Mana Rounds - The number of rounds the wand holds
  • Projectile Speed - The speed of the projectile
  • Projectile Size - The size of the projectile
  • Projectile Amount - The amount of projectiles the wand fires at once
  • Crafting Cost - Adjusts the crafting cost of the wand
  • Level Requirement - Adjusts the required level of the wand


Wand Damage is calculated to take into account the "down time" of recharging.

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