Counter Spell Wiki

Tile Features make up the dynamic properties of a map. Any interactive part of the map that moves or changes state is typically a tile feature. They include doors, chests, and power-ups. It also includes all of the player and enemy spawn points. Be sure to include enough Team1 and Team2 spawn locations in your map. (When teams are disabled, team spawn locations behave the same as regular player spawn locations)

Heart Automatically heals the player
Key Allows players to open locked doors
Chest Dispenses a random item
Consumables Are picked up by player to use later
Team 1 Spawn Will spawn team 1 during team matches or player on non-team matches. Also responsible for spawning team portals
Team 2 Spawn Will spawn team 2 during team matches or player on non-team matches. Also responsible for spawning team portals
Player Spawn Will spawn player on non-team PvP matches.
Enemy Spawn Will spawn a basic enemy
Elite Spawn System will choose 1 elite spawn at random to spawn an elite enemy (aka boss)
Guard Spawn Will spawn a friendly guard
Vendor Spawn Will spawn a vendor
Boulder Spawn Will spawn a boulder (OBSOLETE)
Dark Portal When the game requires a dark portal, it will choose one of these spawns at random
Goal Portal In adventure mode, this is where the player must reach, after destroying the Dark Portal to win
Exploding Barrel Will explode when shot
Doors Act as doors. Can choose between wood and iron, locked or unlocked
Secret Door Will copy the texture of surrounding blocks, use like a normal door
DefenseWaypoint When playing defense, team mobs will randomly select a defense waypoint to go to before routing to the enemy portal
Mister Creates a dense, rapid mist effect that is used by waterfalls and other features
Fogger Creates a slow fog effect that is used by underground pools of water
Switch Adds a toggle switch which can be linked to one or more Portcullis features
Portcullis Creates a 3x5 Portcullis that can be opened or closed by players. If linked to a Switch, then the switch must be toggled to open or close.