Counter Spell Wiki

Before publishing your map to Steam Workshop, you have to set a few attributes. The /levelinfo command will show you the current attributes of your map. A file ID of 0 means the map has never been published and a new workshop item will be created when you publish it. All of these attributes can also be set from the Publish window that is accessible from the Build mode window.


/title maptitle

Use this command to set the title of your map. This is also how it will show up in other players' map list in the lobby. There is a max of 20 characters.


/title Twin Keeps


/description mapdescription

Use this command to set the description of your map. This is a detailed description that will show up in the Steamwork webpage. There is a max of 8000 characters.


/description Two mirrored keeps face each other with team spawns in each respective keep.


/tags tag1[,tag2][,tag3][...]

Use this command to set the search tags of your map. These are the keywords that users will use to search for their map. You are required to have at least one. The list should be separated by commas.


/tags deathmatch,small

Change Note[]

/changenote updatechangenote

This command is optional. It will set the change note of your post before you update it.


/changenote Update v1.2


Use the /lightall command to update all the lighting on your map. Once everything is ready, use the /publish command to publish your map to the Steam Workshop. A screenshot will be taken of your current view to be used as the preview. If this is a new map, a new file ID will be created. Be sure to save your map after publishing to preserve this file ID and allow you to update the map in the future. If this is an update, the saved file ID will be used to update your map.

Once your map is published, you can use the Steam Workshop web portal to modify your settings.

To play your map online with other players, you must subscribe to your own map and download it. You should still keep your local copy to make changes with.

If your file loses its workshop ID, you can use the /setworkshopid <fileID> command to reset your workshop ID. Your map's workshop ID can be found by going to your workshop item in the steam community website and looking at the web address.