Counter Spell Wiki

These build commands only affect the current Chunk that the player is in.

/AUTOGRASS [talldensity]
Automatically places short grass on the terrain of the chunk. If a number is specified, it will be a mix of short and tall grass. The higher the number, the less tall grass there will be.
Automatically converts tree stumps into trees. Snaps the terrain to the base of the tree. Will also create shrubs around the trees and make the terrain around the tree dirty.
Automatically fills the terrain mesh with water up to a height of 6.75
Automatically creates random terrain in the current chunk. A higher range will make the terrain more jagged. The default range is 8. Only affects terrain that is currently at height 0. (See SETTERRAIN) The terrain will be formed to line up with any terrain not at depth 0. This allows you to "seed" the edges of the chunk with the height values you want the terrain the align with. Edges of the chunk that are at 0 will automatically align with adjacent chunks. Edges of the chunk that do not touch another chunk (the edge of the map) will be pinned to 0 unless otherwise seeded.
Sets all the terrain in the current chunk to the specified height, or zero if no height is specified.