Counter Spell Wiki

The Roguee is one of the Classes that Counter Spell have.

The Rogue is the sneaky class, that can climb in constructions, becaming invisible, and giving bonus damage for their back.

If you want to be an archer, you wanna chose the rogue too, because some of his abilities focus on ranged weapons.

Rogue Class Skills:

Acrobatics: Reduces falling damage by half and you can do the wall jump, so you can do a double jump if you are leaning on the wall.

Impactfull Arrows: Give to your ranged attacks knockback effect on hit.

Backstab: Makes that every hit (ranged or meele) gives to the certain enemies critical hit.

Camouflage: Reduces the chance of enemies to find you.

Feather Fall: Reduces your falling speed

Conjure Explosive Trap: Conjures and throw an Explosive Trap. Only two conjured explosive trap can be active at once

Arcane Overload: Increases 20% the damage from meele attacks