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The following are general console commands available to all players. Console commands are not case-sensitive.

Inverts the mouse. Saved in Settings.
Inverts the mouse wheel. Saved in Settings.
Toggles whether the gamepad is enabled. Defaults to on.
Displays your current coordinate in the world.
/INSPECT <playername>
Allows you the inspect the equipment of another player.
/TEAM1 or /TEAM2
Selects either Team #1 or Team #2. Has no effect unless the host has teams enabled.
Start hosting a game. Opens up a socket at port 10010 to allow other players to connect to.
/CONNECT [ipaddress]
Connect to a host at the listed IP address. If no IP address is given, it will connect to the last address given, which is stored in Settings.
Disconnects from the host, or disconnects all players and stops hosting the game if used by the server.
Shows a verbose record of your kills.


Shows a verbose record of your deaths.

/SS [filename]

Takes a screenshot and saves it as ScreenShot.jpg, or as the optional filename. (Do not include extension in filename)
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