Counter Spell Wiki

Custom Block Example

Custom Block mode allows you to create blocks of any shape you want. Custom Blocks can be made up of different textures. The example image on this page shows custom blocks being used to create a more realistic looking roof line with eaves and overhangs.

To create a custom block, select a single tile where you want to create the block. The Palette works the same in custom block mode. Left-click to place a vertex. You can create either triangles (3 vertices) or quads (4 vertices). Quads will auto-complete, but a triangle has to be "committed" by pressing E. Most surfaces are directional so you need to places vertices in clock-wise order for them to be visible from the correct direction. Spider webs, for example, are NOT directional can can be viewed from both sides.

Once you are done with your custom block, you should exit out of custom block mode by pressing G. Now you can copy your custom block or groups of custom blocks using the copy & paste tool. You can also paste them mirrored by using Ctrl+M.

[Left-Click] Place Vertex
[Right-Click] Remove Last Vertex
[Mouse Wheel] Adjust Cursor Distance
[Tab] Open Palette
[E] Commit Triangle
[G] Exit Custom Block Mode (i.e. Geometry Mode)
[M] Mirror Shape Horizontally
[O] Toggle Smooth Vertex Lighting
[P] Paint Targeted Surface
[X], [Y], [Z] Toggle Brush Axis Lock (Hold shift to lock plane)
[Delete] Delete Targeted Surface
[Ctrl]+[Mouse Wheel] Translate Vertices