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"Counter Spell" combines elements of classic role playing games with modern stealth-based shooters.

The player can choose from six different classes, each with their own unique spells, abilities, and perks. Single player, multiplayer coop, and competitive multiplayer are all supported with different game modes for each. A wide array of spells and items make for fun and intense matches. Throw flasks of wildfire at your opponents, lay cleverly placed traps, or just rain fireballs down upon them.

An integrated level editor allows for an endless supply of user-generated content. Run through your creations with your friends, or take control of their enemies to provide an even greater challenge.

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Matt's Blog

Streaming Mode Preview - Matt - 2015/01/26 15:48

The Streaming Mode Preview Version 0.7.0 is now available on the website: The zones have been combined and the world is now one big open place to explore. Quests are...

Updated Models - Matt - 2014/07/30 20:46

All the new models are in the game, and I've uploaded a new video to showcase them. The lighting engine has also been improved. The map can now contain smaller blocks as well as unique objects. L...

Models - Matt - 2014/05/08 20:02

I finally got tired of my pixelated models and decided to learn Blender.  I'm slowly going through all the models and replacing them with smooth meshes that better match the new aesthetic of the game....

Pretty Water - Matt - 2014/04/29 19:17

Was updating the lighting engine to help prevent some of the bleed through that the mini blocks were generating and I decided to finally update the water!The water now uses a custom pixel shader that...

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