We're Getting Mutants in the MCU - The Loop

[Left-Click] Primary Action
[Right-Click] Secondary Action
[Up Arrow] or [W] Move Forward
[Down Arrow] or [S] Move Backward
[Left Arrow] or [A] Strafe Left
[Right Arrow] or [D] Strafe Right
[X] Move Down
[Space] Jump/Move Up/Respawn
[Shift] Walk
[1..9] Use Actionbar Skill/Item
[B] or [I] Open Inventory
[Left Ctrl] or [C] Crouch
[E] Primary Use Item (e.g. Open)
[F] Use Action Bar Skill/Item
[G] Use Recent Item
[Mouse Wheel] Change Recent Item
[H] Use Healing Potion
[L] Open Quest Log
[M] Open Map
[P] Show Spellbook
[Q] Secondary Use Item (e.g. Lock)
[R] Toggle Spyglass
[U] Pause (Host Only)
[Z] Show Character Sheet
[Enter] Chat
[F9] Host Match
[F10] Join Match
[Esc] Close Windows/Exit Game
[Mouse Button 3] Action Bar Shortcut 7
[Mouse Button 4] Action Bar Shortcut 8
[Mouse Button 5] Action Bar Shortcut 9
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