Counter Spell Wiki
[Left-Click] Paint
[Right-Click] Eyedrop
[Mouse Wheel] Adjust Brush Distance
[Tab] Open Palette
[1..8] Select Brush Type
[F3] Exit Building Mode
[F] Toggle Fixed Axis Mode
[G] Enter Custom Block Mode (i.e. Geometry Mode)
[P] Toggle Painting Mode
[V] Toggle Gravity & Collision Detection
[X], [Y], [Z] Toggle Brush Axis Lock (Hold shift to lock plane)
[J] and [L] Adjust Brush Width
[I] and [J] Adjust Brush Height
[,] and [.] Adjust Brush Depth
[Ctrl]+[X] Cut brush into clipboard
[Ctrl]+[C] Copy brush into clipboard
[Ctrl]+[V] Paste brush into world
[Ctrl]+[M] Paste brush into world mirrored
[Delete] Delete blocks in brush
[Backspace] Reset Brush to 1x1x1
[Shift]+[Mouse Wheel] Adjust Manual Cube Size
[Ctrl]+[Mouse Wheel] Adjust Manual Cube Offset
[F5] Save Map