Counter Spell Wiki

Books can contain custom text for the player to read. There are currently two ways to add text to a book and both of them involve console commands. After targeting the book with your build mode cursor,

/SETDATATEXT <your text here>

Will set the text of the book directly off of the command line. This is intended primary for short messages since it is impractical to enter large messages here.

/SETDATAFILE <filename>

Will set the text of the book to the contents of the listed file. For example:


Will set the book's text to the content of the file book.txt. This file should be in your main application folder. This file should be in plain text format with no special formatting characters. The only formatting characters that will be interpreted are new lines. Carriage returns are ignored.

Books with 30 or fewer characters will not open the book window and will just display the book's text in the message window. Books support multiple pages of text as of v1.0.8.