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Block Types make up the basic foundation of any map. They represent the solid objects in the map that the player comes into contact with. Most block types are impassible, such as dirt, stone, and grass. Other block types represent 3D objects such as barrels, torches, or tables.

Each block type has a property defining if it blocks movement, projectiles, light, and sight.

Most block types are static and have no effect on the player. There are some exceptions. There are many light sources, which will show up in the tooltip for the block type when you mouse over it. There are also special objects:

Water Allows mobs to swim through the block
Lava Damages mobs if they touch it
Ice Greatly reduces mobs traction if they are standing on the block
Ladder Allows mobs to move vertically when on the block
Rope Works just like a ladder
Anvil Used by Crafting
Altar Used to offer Relics to the gods
Forge Used by Crafting
Cauldron Used by Alchemy
Fountain Performs the same effect as the Cleanse spell
Book Can contain custom text for the player to read

The following are special blocks that are not visible outside of the editor:

No Render Prevents the rendering of any surfaces adjacent to the block
Border Similar to no render, except movement is blocked
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